Research has shown that an average human spends almost 2years of their life in the bathroom. It has  also been discovered that the bathroom is a place where many people birth bright new ideas, so it only  makes sense to ensure the comfortability and functionality of the space you spend a tangible fraction of  your life in. Depending on the theme of preference, a bathroom can be termed as traditional, classic,  whimsical or minimalistic. 

As a room that speaks volumes of an individual’s persona, and more often than not, sets the tone of  your day, it is important to pay attention to every detail while decorating; including the seemingly little  ones as the comfortability of this space hinges on it. Bearing in mind that sanitary wares play a pivotal  role in the general outlook of the bath space, here are key factors to consider when picking out sanitary  wares for your bathroom. 

Your bathroom may be out of other people’s sight, but that doesn’t mean you can get away with  carelessly buying just any sanitary ware. There is need for creative input and thorough attention as you  would give your bedroom or living room. This is because, beyond aesthetics, the comfortability and  functionality of this space, rides on it.

Bearing in mind that sanitary wares play a pivotal role in the general outlook of the bath space, here are  key factors to consider when picking out sanitary wares for your bathroom. 

  1. Color

If you want your bathroom to reflect your quirky personality, it’s okay to be very creative with  different colors of sanitary wares. Just make sure you know how to combine colors that  complement each other. Like if yellow/golden would be the accent color that you want, keeping  everything else white would be good but powder blue cabinets go well with it too. If you’re not  so sure about this, it would be best to stick to white. It’s a safe color which gives your bathroom  a classic and elegant appeal. 

  1. Comfort

Since you’re going to spend money anyway, why not invest on sanitary wares that can make  your life a little more comfortable? If you can afford it, invest in a bathtub and a shower that  allows temperature adjustment. You’ll thank yourself you did when you’ve had a long day and  all your body’s craving for is a long warm bubble bath.


  1. Ease Of Cleaning

It would have been convenient if all your sanitary items in your bathroom have a self-cleaning  feature. Sadly, that doesn’t exist yet. But until then, think about how easy an item would be to  clean before buying them. Otherwise, you’d end up swearing up and down while scrubbing dirt  off your bathroom. 

  1. Size

If your bathroom space is small, you had better opt for sanitary wares that are of smaller sizes because buying big toilets and all of that stuff will make your bathroom look smaller than it already is. Though it’s always up to you if you really want a big bathtub and other sanitary  wares, just do not say we didn’t warn you when you keep on bumping into everything while you  move around.

  1. Resistance

While choosing bathroom sanitary ware, two major factors have to be put into consideration.  These are the strength and the design. The toilet bowls and bathroom basins should be of a  good design and also be strong enough not to chip and break easily. They should therefore have  no sharp edges and you should ensure they are well fitted.

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