Planning a kitchen reno? What better way to give your kitchen a clean and classy outlook.

than to ensure a bulk of your kitchen essentials are stored safely out of sight? As much as all modern cabinet options are beautiful, it is important to pick out cabinets that best suits your space. The aim of this article is to make you understand the difference between each category of cabinets, to help you make informed decision when planning your home reno.

There are several types of cabinets, but they are all generally categorized into four:

Traditional Cabinets

The notable characteristics of this category of cabinets is that quality woods are used most of the time for manufacturing and, even though they may be given finishes to achieve a more modern look, the woods are mostly left in their natural state.

Modern Cabinets

Modern cabinet styles are built to look unique and sleek. Sometimes, they are deliberately made with elements in different colours or mismatched components. There’s ample room for creativity as far as the mind can fathom; which may lead to the fusion of different styles to make a piece.

Contemporary Cabinets

These type of kitchen cabinets are minimalistic and popularly used in contemporary kitchens. They could come with bold embellishments in more natural tones than the modern types. They are also characterized by sleek and burnished finishes.

Transitional Cabinets

These can be referred to as fusing the best of two worlds as they are a combination of traditional and modern cabinet styles. These cabinets are characterized by bold details and dark hues with unique finishes. No matter how many styles they come in, transitional cabinets always make striking statements.

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