Wardrobes are bedroom essentials not only because they house our clothes and shoes, but because they also help keep our bedroom organized and tidy. As much as we all want the kind of spacious and ultra-modern wardrobe designs we see celebrities flaunt on TV, we need to understand what kind of wardrobe caters to our needs and available space before having one installed in our bedroom. There are several factors to consider when buying a bedroom wardrobe and these factors see to it that you get the perfect wardrobe that best suits your bedroom.

Factor 1- Type of Storage

The content of your wardrobe- the kind of clothes and accessories you wear are determinant factors of the kind of wardrobe you should get for your bedroom. If you have lots of accessories, you should opt for multiple drawers, so you can have them neatly arranged in each drawer.

Factor 2- Type of Wardrobe

The decision to choose between a built-in wardrobe and a free-standing wardrobe should be one of the first factors to consider when planning to buy a bedroom wardrobe. One of the major advantages of the free-standing wardrobe is that it can be moved from place or room to another; or even to a new home. A built-in wardrobe on the other hand may give you the liberty to customize the finishes, size, materials and colours according to your taste, but cannot be moved from one place to another.

Factor 3- Measurements

It is vital to know the size of the height of the ceiling and the available floor space before buying your wardrobe. The height of the clothing rod should also be considered. For a wardrobe which will hold adult blouses, skirts, dresses and pants, a height of about 45 inches should serve; while approximately 30 inches would do for a wardrobe that will hold children’s clothes. The measurement should also be taken in a way that the wardrobe does not obstruct any lighting source, and ample space should be maintained between other bedroom furniture and the wardrobe for easy movement.

Factor 4- Style

The style of your wardrobe should match the existing theme of the interior décor and other furniture in your bedroom. If you want to go for a minimalistic look, an open stylish wardrobe without doors would do. Pick colours that match with the existing colour theme of your room.

Factor 5- Your Budget

This is the last but not the least factor. Regardless of what decision you make after considering the other factors, your budget is a very important factor which makes the call on what type of wardrobe you would eventually buy.

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