If you need a kitchen for just whipping up simple sandwiches and instant meals, then you may not go through the hassle of critically considering the pros and cons of different kitchen types; as a basic kitchen would suffice.

But, if you’re a chef looking to do serious culinary activities that will be tried out by an audience larger than close knit family and friends, then you should consider these kitchen design tips when setting up your culinary space.

Ample and Sturdy Counter Space

As a chef, having enough work space to play with, is exactly what you need as you’ll be handling a lot of meal preparation activities like chopping, kneading, peeling, food layout, etc. Also, ensuring your counter space is hard-wearing and not prone to stains will go a long way in keeping your work surface looking great and, of course, picture-worthy for a long time.

Brilliant Lighting

Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor space, whatever living or work space in which activities will take place requires light. The importance of lighting cannot be over-emphasized. Not only does a well-lit kitchen give you better illumination, which is safer to work with and kinder to your eyes, it puts you in a cheerier mood. Ensure there are windows in your kitchen to let in natural light and ventilation. In addition to this, accent lights, ambient lights and task lights would suffice when selecting light fixtures. Pendant lights with wide brims hanging over the kitchen island would give your kitchen just the right amount of classy look and feel. Also, down lights will prevent shadows and glare.

Double Sinks with High Faucets

Double sinks in your kitchen serve various purposes as you can stack used utensils in one while you wash vegetables and stuff in the other. For ease of washing and cleaning, high faucets come in really handy, especially when using deep containers or pots. The double sinks also reduce the chance of having water splash on your countertop during meal preparation or cleaning afterwards.

Integrated Appliances

Choosing built-in appliances for your kitchen leaves you more free space, which gives your cooking space a classy and well-ordered outlook. Going for this option of appliance installation sees to it that things that could constitute disorderliness like electrical cords, are concealed, leaving your kitchen looking picture-perfect.

Adequate and Smart Storage Space

Having enough storage space in your kitchen, gives you sufficient room to stow away your utensils, silverware, especially the ones reserved for large ceremony preparations. Having smart storage in your kitchen makes your culinary experiences way easier and more fun.

Wine Storage Space

According to French Author, Andre Simon, wine makes every meal an occasion. Well, we are inclined to agree with him because good food is not so great without good wine. Knowing this, when designing your kitchen, you should include a wine storage space, to keep your prized bottles of wine in excellent condition.

These are a few design tips on how to create a chef-worthy kitchen.

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